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 What are the sub-lists that will be published?

In addition to the main list that will rank the best saudi companies to work for, many other sub-lists will be published based on the profiles of participating companies and surveyed employees. Industry sub-lists will be published provided that a minimum of five companies in each industry are registered for participation. It is expected that the following sub-lists will be published:


. Best Saudi Company to Work for Women

. Best Saudi Company for Fresh Graduates

. Best Saudi Bank to Work for

. Best Saudi Manufacturing Company to Work for

. Best Saudi Service Company to Work for

. Best Saudi Real Estate Company to Work for


Can companies register for participation without the participation of their parent (holding) companies?

Yes, companies that are a part of larger groups and holding companies may participate in the program using their name only. In instances where a holding company is registered for participation, a random sample of employees working for all of its subsidiaries will be selected for the program's survey purposes.


Can participating companies receive detailed reports including satisfaction levels among business units and organizational levels?

Yes, all participating companies will receive reports illustrating their employees' satisfaction levels in general across the survey dimensions. In addition, companies will receive detailed comparison reports of employees' satisfaction across different age groups and organizational levels; however detail report you choose willdeoend on the package you choose upon registration.


Can participating companies receive benchmarking reports for satisfaction levels among their employees as compared to other companies within their industries?

Participating companies may receive benchmarking reports for satisfaction levels within their industries provided that at least three companies registered for participation from these industries. These benchmarking reports will be provided for an additional fees paid during the registration process.


What is the time plan for surveying and publishing the list?

The program will open in June every year and the results will be announced in April of next year.


Where can we get more information?

More information about the program can be found in the website Also, you could forward all your inquiries about the program and participation requirements through the special "Contact Us" link available in the website.